Trustees Australia is an ASX listed financial services business holding ASIC licences which allow it specialise in providing Trustee and Custodian services for asset management and administration for its own funds and on behalf of others.

Trustees Australia has practical expertise in registered and unregistered managed investment schemes, separately managed accounts and other investment structures.

Cashwerkz is a Fintech business which has developed an online term deposit marketplace and cash management platform. The platform offers a once-only identity verification process which allows investors to move their maturing investments from one bank or Australian Deposit Taking Institution (ADI) to another without the need for further identity checks. This saves time and paperwork for investors and improves efficiency in the rollover and switching process at maturity.

Cashwerkz has merged with Trustees Australia Limited, which owns RIM Securities, an independent specialist fixed interest business, and boutique funds manager RedGate Asset Management. RIM Securities delivers to Cashwerkz a business with a 13-year track record of successful dealings with approximately 40 ADIs.

Cashwerkz, RIM Securities and RedGate AM assist dealer groups, direct investors, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), middle market participants, corporates, industry funds, fund managers and financial institutions to meet their cash management needs, with Cashwerkz providing online account establishment and term deposit placements, redemptions and transfers.

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