Trustees Australia is an ASX listed financial services business holding ASIC licences which allow it specialise in providing Responsible Entity, Trustee and Custodian services for asset management and administration for its own funds and on behalf of others.

Trustees Australia has practical expertise in registered and unregistered managed investment schemes, separately managed accounts and other investment structures.







Trustees Australia, as responsible entity for the Australian Dairy Farms Trust is a joint issuer of the Australian Dairy Farms Group (“Group”) Prospectus and Product Disclosure Statement (“Offer Document”) for the issue of Stapled Securities in the Group.


Shareholders in Trustees Australia are entitled to a Priority Offer of 10,000 Stapled Securities under the Offer Document. Entitlement Letters have been sent to Trustees Australia shareholders for the Priority Offer. If you are a Trustees Australia shareholder please download a copy of the Offer Document and the Priority Offer Application Form by clicking on the links below. Additional Stapled Securities may be applied for by using the Public Offer Application Form at the end of the Offer Document.



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