Custodial Services

Trustees Australia Limited is authorised through its AFS licence (AFSL 260033) to provide custodial and depository services to retail and wholesale clients.

In its role as Custodian, Trustees Australia caters to those individual clients or fund managers seeking the following services:

  • safekeeping of assets;
  • transaction settlement services either directly or via CHESS, Austraclear or offshore sub-custody network;
  • trade confirmations/ portfolio balances and cash reporting;
  • investor registry services;
  • investment holdings register;
  • corporate action reporting and administration;
  • dividend and income collection;
  • investment tax reporting; and
  • comprehensive periodic reporting on portfolio valuations, settlements and income collection.

Trustees Australia provides settlement services directly or alternatively utilises its sub-custody network to access domestic custodian settlement services. In tandem with its RE and Trustee service capability, Trustees Australia also offers both custody and RE/trustee solutions for the Fund promoter or Investment manager for various asset classes.

Customer Service

As a custodian, we work closely in a partnership with our clients and their outsourced service providers. We take the time to get to know our clients’ needs and offer tailored solutions that deal with each client relationship on a case by case basis to streamline processes and ensure a rapid response to your needs. Effectively we become an extension to your business offering.

Investment classes

In conjunction with our in-house tailored software solutions and through our partnerships with global custodians, we have the flexibility to act as a custodian for a range of asset classes in Australia. Once we have an understanding of your investment portfolio and your reporting needs we then work with you to configure a platform solution that specifically responds to your investment needs.